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This page is where we can share our reviews of books we have read and any Professional Learning we have attended.  I encourage you to email anything you would like to share on this page to Karen Stimson at [email protected]


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Modern Learning Environments - Bernadine Oliver-Berby and Hobsonville Point Secondary School leaders talk through their experiences and opinions on MLEs

“Who moved my cheese.”
Spencer Johnson
Written in the style of parable or business fable.  Highly recommend this one hour read book, especially if you are experiencing change in any aspects of your personal or professional lives. I can relate to the two mice “Scurry and Sniff!”

Changing on the Job – Developing Leaders for a Complex World:
 Jennifer Garvey- Berger. 
Simple Habits for Complex Times:  Powerful Practices for Leaders:  Jennifer Garvey Berger & Keith Johnston
Jennifer is one of the Keynote speaker at the upcoming DP/AP conference 6th August  in Auckland and also speaking New Zealand Principal's Federation: 3 July, Wellington (keynote) & TeachXpo 2015: 6 July, Gisborne (keynote)
These two books provide great insight in to how adults learn and grow with a strong focus on cultivating leadership.  They explore adult developmental theory, the work of Robert Kegan and bring it to life through a focus on leadership growth and how we can support learning of self and others.  Both great reads that unravel the concepts of  adult developmental theory and how we can bring about such greater shifts in how we think,learn, embrace change and  complexity.  Strong focus on growing the capabilities of others through a coaching mindset. 
“Academic Writing.”
Dr Ian Hunter Ph.D.
This was the first teaching-related professional learning I have been on for a long time.  It was fascinating in many ways, not only from a teaching point of view, but also as a past post-graduate student who completed her Masters of Educational Administration.  If your school is looking for a professional development opportunity for scholarship students, for teachers of Level 3 and/or scholarship classes, Dr Ian Hunter offers a very interesting and knowledgeable perspective on academic writing. It challenged me as a teacher to think about my expectations of the boys in my Year 13 Economics class and the writing I ask them to do

Carol Dweck & Guy Claxton

Great seminar in Auckland in March 2015.   Presented by Learning Network.  YouTube has some great clips from them both.   Great to hear two speakers consistently challenging the notion that intelligence is 'fixed' and  sharing their expertise and knowledge of  'the growth mindset' ,  both have written some great books and research papers – worthwhile exploring 

Articles - Importance of Praising Effort not Intelligence and Rubric 

Thesis - Kevin Shore - Study of Career AP / DP's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
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