Graeme Smith

I have had 30 years teaching at five schools in this order: Hutt Valley HS, Kaikoura HS, Rangitikei College, New Plymouth BHS, Waimea College.

I have had a few chances to be Acting Principal here at Waimea [Principal’s Sabbaticals] and seconded for a term as Acting Principal at Murchison AS.  In that 30 years I have taken 2x1 year and a 6 months leave [all non-teaching] which have been great for re-energising and renewing the faith.

I think we have such a neat job and hugely rewarding. I do not under estimate the ‘personal cost’ of big workloads and the ‘challenges’ AP/DP’s face every day and in smaller schools they can be quite alone in carrying this. 

Therefore my interest in NASDAP is to be as active as I can in looking after the welfare of NASDAP members.


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